Find a Christian Art Gifts Sales Rep

Christian Art Gifts is the leading Christian gifts company in the industry. If you are looking to make a wholesale order with Christian Art Gifts, you can order online or contact one of our reps in your area below.

Sara Skerl

Sales Manager
Phone: 630-398-0867

Mike McCabe

Territory: NC, SC, TN
Phone: 828-301-7424

Ken Shirek

Territory: AL, FL, GA, MS, TN
Phone: 407-222-5526

Gary Devercelly

Territory: AZ, CA, NV, HI
Phone: 562-754-1355

Trevor Dysland

Territory: MN, WI, ND
Phone: 715-642-1115

Marge & Mike Devar

Territory: NM, NV, TX
Phone: 480-390-7912

Craig Sprunger

Territory: IN, KY, MI, OH, WV
Phone: 260-450-4206

David Terry

Territory: UT, MT, PA, NJ
Phone: 510-813-9854

Ryan Wheat

Territory: TX, LA, CO, WY, AK
Phone: 817-357-5615

Jeff Francisco

Key Account Rep
Phone: 918-850-8007

Joe Hines

Territory:NY, CT, RI, MA, MD, DE, VA, NC, ME, VT
Phone: 401-864-7249

Chris Forney

Territory: WA, OR, ID, UT, MT, AK
Phone: 509-981-3518

Ryan Garrett

Territory: AR, KS, IA, IL, MO, NE, OK, SD
Phone: 417-894-3914

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